Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Slownik town translation


Niwiska, with Hucisko, village, district of Kolbuszowa, lies in a sandy lowland (289 meters elevation), on a field in the midst of deforested coniferous woods. The highway from Kolbuszowa to Preclaw (11 kilometers) runs through the village and a stream flows into the Swierczówka River (which, father on its course, is called the Przyrwa) then into the Lega River. In the center of the village stands a brick church, to the north a windmill and brickworks, while to the east is an abandoned glassworks behind which is found the hamlet of Hucisko which was founded by metallurgical settlers. Niwiska has a mission parish which belongs to the church in Rzochów, a public school 1-class, a community loan office with assets of 408 zloty (Austrian Currency), 1,198 Roman Catholic residents, 66 of whom work on the estate owned by Kazimierz Hupko. The property consists of 615 mórgs of fields, 147 mórgs of meadows, 112 mórgs of pasture land and 1,478 mórgs of forests; the lesser domain consists of 1,805 mOrgs of fields, 291 mOrgs of meadows, 249 mórgs of pasture land and 403 mórgs of forests. The present church was erected in the year 1876, replacing the wooden structure built in 1595. In addition, a brick chapel built in 1874 stands in the cemetery. The parish (Diocese of Przemyl, Deanery of Mielec) embraces Debrzyna, Hucina with Zabien, Leszcze, Hucisko, Poreby, Trzen, and Zapole. The population numbers 3,512 Roman Catholics and 141 Jews. Besides agriculture, the inhabitants are engaged in cabinetmaking and turnery (the art of forming solid substances into cylindrical or other forms by means of a lathe). In the 16th century, Niwiska belonged to the Lubomirski Family. In 1680 it was obtained by the Jesuits of Sandomierz for 15,000 Polish zloty, which they later loaned from the Bobola Foundation to Aleksander Lubomirski, voivode of Kraków, for the education of 12 students from the aristocracy. After the suppression of the Society of Jesus, the monies were placed in an educational find which was eventually sold. Niwiska borders on the east with Trzenia, on the north with Zabieniec and Hueina, on the west and south with many coniferous forests.

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1885, Volume 7, pages 163]


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