Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Niwiska, Poland

This blog is about Niwiska, Poland, which is part of the Kolbuszowa dekanat. It includes the parishes in Cmolas, Domatkow, Kolbuszowa, Kosowy, Kupno, Niwiska, Ostrowy Tuszowskie, Poreby Dymarskie, Przedborz, Trzesowka and Werynia.

Niwiska is also the gmina or county seat for the neighboring villages of Hucina, Hucisko, Kosowy, Leszcze, Niwiska, Przylek, Siedlanka, Trzesn and Zapole.

Other neighboring villages are Leszcze, Zagacie, Poreby Kamienskie, Stare Wies, Brzezowka, Blizna, Nowa Wies, Sadykierz, and Buckowiec.

For some time now I have been wanting to create a blog and provide a place for others to share information about their ancestors who came from this place. The other reason is to continue the unfinished project between myself and my mentor. In his memory, I dedicate this work as well as to all my ancestors from these villages.

Later on, I will provide some pictures of the parish church and cemetery besides listing family surnames and other data.

Please join me in making this blog a useful tool for all those researching in the parish of Niwiska.


Jasia said...

Congratulations on your new blog, Waleria! I'm so happy that you've become a blogger :-) I look forward to reading all about Niwiska and seeing your photos. Yeah!

Marianna Adamska Wojtkowiak Henning said...

Well done, Waleria!

Can't wait to see it develop. Perhaps a photo of you in your regional costume (hint, hint).


(PB is smiling down)

MiPolonia said...

Sorry about the last post.
I wanted to write:RP.

Waleria said...

Thanks Jasia and Cylka for the kind words and support.
Photos will be added later on for sure.
Yes, I think he would be interested with this.

Stan said...

Great start -

Hope to have some genealogical stuff to add soon.

Waleria said...

Hi Stan,
Yes, I plan on adding surnames and genealogical information soon.